Tip For Cleaning Stainless Steel Furniture

Cleaning Stainless Steel Furniture

There are many cleaners on the market for stainless steel furniture but we’ve found the best and thought we would share it here for you.

Stainless Steel Dining Tables, Stainless Steel Coffee Tables, even Tv Units you can use this great cleaner.

Bar Keepers Friend – http://www.barkeepersfriend.com.au/bkfliquid737ml.html

At Gainsville we use it to even remove rust marks, its amazing!

See more Stainless Steel Furniture at http://www.gainsville.com.au


What’s the most durable surface for a Dining Table?

What’s the most durable surface for a Dining Table?

Glass Dining Tables

Glass is renowned for is difficultly to clean, but with new technology it might be worth a second look.    A Glass called Euro Glass is making waves in the Furniture Industry.   Easy to clean, doesn’t show finger prints, almost too good to be true.   To see Euro Glass at a Melbourne Furniture Store visit Gainsville Furniture.

Glass Rectangle Table

CaEuro Glass Dining Tableesarstone Dining Tables

Caesarstone Furniture is another relatively new innovation.   Caesarstone have a range of quartz stone that looks like Marble.   Why not just buy a Marble Dining Table?   A few reasons;
1. Scratching: Marble can scratch easily
2. Damage: Marble is very porous, it will absorb liquid.   Especially acidic fluids like lemon juice, wine and orange juice will permanently stain.
3. Strength: Marble has natural veins which can be weak points.

Caesarstone Furniture has none of the cons you see above.   It looks just as stunning as real marble but a smarter purchase because its so strong and durable.   You will won’t mind the kids doing everything from cut and paste to play doe on your Caesarstone Dining Table.

Venus Caesarstone Dining Table (2A) Venus Caesarstone Dining Table (2) Venus Caesarstone Dining Table (1A)

Best Beds In Melbourne

Find the best beds in Melbourne. 12 Year Warranty. Best Quality Beds.

There are a lot of furniture stores in Melbourne and finding the best quality products at value for money prices is not an easy task.

Viewing websites can be deceiving, are the photos the actual product? What is the likelihood of internet only companies being around in 12 Months let alone years.

When your sick of looking at flimsy furniture and what something that will last visit the stores with the best warranty that designed and built to last.

Gainsville clearly have the best beds in Melbourne, why?  They design, construct, and build their own products and provide an amazing 12 Year, yes YEAR, warranty.    Visiting their showroom you’ll find a huge range of designs and all can be built in your choice of size and colour.

Here are some design examples; See more at http://www.gainsville.com.au/bedroomfurniture/beds/

Dallas Bed Timber (2)
Dallas Bed | Gainsville Furniture Melbourne
Barcelona Bed | Gainsville Furniture Melbourne
Barcelona Bed | Gainsville Furniture Melbourne

Buying a Gloss White Display Cabinet

Finding the right display cabinet can be challenging.   You don’t want your home to look like a retail jewelry store but still need the practicality of a well designed Display Cabinet.

The Gloss White Display Cabinet recently introduced by Gainsville Furniture Melbourne meets the needs of most.   Smart modern design display cabinet using modern materials such as Gloss White and Stainless Steel.

The bottom section features a deep draw supported by G*Grass Austrian soft close runners, arguably the best runners available.

See more at; http://www.gainsville.com.au/?product=london-75cm-display-cabinet


Timber Tv Unit or Gloss White Tv Unit

Purchasing a tv unit for your home is about creating the perfect blend between practicality to house all your entertainment technology and being a visual center piece for your living area.

Floating TV Units, Gloss White Tv Units, Timber Tv Units, the choices are almost limitless.

At Gainsville a new range of tv units has just been released.   With your choice of American Walnut or High Gloss White the new range is sure to impress.    Low, clean lines with amble storage and stunning picture frame tampered surround its a range that should be considered.

More on: White Gloss TV Units

More on: Timber Tv Units

Img12322 Img12083 Img12074 Img12116 Img12322

Tips on the best sofa to watch Netflix on…

With the cold weather well and truing in Melbourne its only time until we’re hit with the latest round of colds and flu’s.  Last week this is exactly what happened and spending three days at home has never been more comfortable (and entertaining).

When we designed our new home one of the top priorities for me was a home theater room.   Black walls, black ceiling, stepped platform for two rows of seating and most importantly a Gainsville Electric Home Theater suite.

It wasn’t so much a flu as was a cold that targeted my vocal cords.   Unable to speak I was useless at home so spending so much time on my Electric Home Theater Suite watching Netflix was fantastic.

Enjoy your home, make sure its a place of comfort and entertainment for you and your family.

Find more about our theater options here;


Warren G9354 (1) Warren G9354 (5)

Tips on buying furniture to match your kitchen…

Tips on buying furniture to match your kitchen…

The modern home more than ever is open plan, the kitchen, dining and living rooms are merged to create one living space.   With this in mind, why not blend the areas with matching elements to create a designer look.

Caesarstone is well known for kitchen bench tops but now Gainsville Furniture in Melbourne has created a range that will allow you to bring this durable elegant material into your Dining Table, Console Table and Coffee Tables.

Here are some photos of the range, view more at; http://bit.ly/1F6O1FE

Venus Caesarstone Console (Side View) Venus Caesarstone Dining Table (2) Venus Caesarstone Dining Table (2A) Venus Caesarstone Dining Table (4) Venus Caesarstone Console (Front View) IMG_0751 (1)